Top Best Paying Jobs in Kenya

Kenya's economy has progressed into being East Africa's regional hub for trade and finance. As soon as a young graduate in Kenya steps out of his university or college, he already has elaborate plans to secure a profession that is rewarding in terms of salary and other benefits.

Choosing a career to pursue in life is a very challenging task which is why you should always consider the demands of the Kenyan Jobs market as well your passion and interests in life. Making the wrong decision on which career path to take can jeopardize your financial freedom in the future, so you should know which jobs pay well and which ones do not. To help you make your decision, below are some of the most rewarding professions in the country today.

Profession in Politics

There is a well-grounded belief among the people of Africa that a career in politics in the fastest paths to riches. A few of the positions in this category includes governors, senators, county members of parliament, and members of the county assembly. Others are political activists, analysts, scholars, commentators, advisers and writers. Politicians are some of highest paid workers in Kenya. They determine how much salary they get and are also involved in the discussion for allowance and budget allocation. For example, a Member of the Parliament of Kenya gets a salary of over $15,000 month, an amount that is more than what US senators make in a month. Read this post:

Engineering Profession

It is rare to find an engineer struggling financially unless he is not aggressive enough, because engineering is quite a lucrative career. Entry level positions in Kenya for professionals with a degree or diploma in Electrical Engineering is up to KSh 80,000 per month. Engineers can either build their own engineering firms or practice on their own or they can seek employment in private or government institutions.

Medical Profession

It usually takes one at least six years to complete a course in Medicine and Surgery in Kenya. A qualified doctor is either self employed or he can seek Jobs in Kenya with a private or government institution. Doctors obtain jobs almost immediately after graduation because of the insufficiency of doctors available to work in the hospitals and health facilities in Kenya. The entry salary of a medical intern may be as low as Ksh 45,000 but with career development, it is very easy to hit ten times that amount.

Aviation Profession

This is one of the most expensive professions to get into in the country, but it does comes with huge rewards. A Wall Street journal in March 2013 alleged that an airline captain makes up to Ksh 1.1 million a month.